We are often being asked?

Questions & Answers 

Q & A Regarding tents
What's the largest tent you allow ?
We allow tents up to 8mts wide any length allowed up to 10mts.
Do you allow us to have a BBQ ?
We do allow BBQ's, however we do ask that you keep the BBQ off the grass, stands must be used or we can provide blocks free of charge, BBQ must not be lit after 9pm, we do not allow the burning of wood or open fires.
Can we bring our gazebo ?
Unfortunately due to safety reasons we do not allow gazebo's.
Can we have two tents on the same pitch ?
Due to site licence and fire regulations, pitches are for one tent only the law states all tents must be at least 3mts apart, here at Polruan Holidays we strive to allow 6mts between pitches, pup tents, storage tents are allowed on the same pitch but must be authorised by the park owners.
Can we invite friends/relations for a drink or BBQ ?
No, for the respect and consideration to fellow campers and for security reasons we do not allow visitors, our park is private property, please arrange to meet your friends elsewhere. 
Do you have electric hook-ups and waste disposals ?
Yes, most pitches now have electric hook-up (16 AMP) we do have a grey water and chemical point disposal.
Q & A Regarding touring caravans and motorhomes
Do you have a restriction to the size of motorhomes allowed on your park ? 
Yes, we do not cater for motorhomes more than 7.50 mts (24'6'') in length, manoeuvring of large vehicle can become difficult on the park. There are holiday parks nearby that cater for larger motorhomes.
Do you accept twin axle touring caravans ?
No, we do not accept twin axle caravans, manoeuvring of such caravans can be difficult and can cause damage to our park.
Do we need to pitch on a hard-standing ?
All touring caravans must pitch on a hard-standing on the top field (adults only), the local authorities  (Cornwall Council) will not allow touring caravans in any of the other fields.
Motorhomes and campervans may pitch on the hard-standings on the top field (adults only) or on the grass pitches in the centre field.
Do you have electric hook-ups and waste disposals ?
Yes, all pitches now have electric hook-up (16 AMP) we do have a grey water and chemical point disposal, we do not have a drive-on drive-off waste disposal.
How good is the approach road to your park ?
The approach road from Bodinnick (recommended route) are typical Cornish lanes, parts are single track with passing placing we highly advise you to follow our signs and too ignore your Sat-nav, Polruan holidays can we found on your right when entering the village, do not continue on past, the streets become very narrow and are unsuitable for large vehicles.
Q & A Regarding payment
Do we need to pay a deposit when making a reservation ?
All camping reservation require a deposit of £50.00 per pitch or in full if less than 3 day booking. Balance payable up to and including day of arrival. Once paid balance is non-refundable. Holidays homes require a deposit of £100.00 per week, balance payable 28 days before arrival.
What payment terms do you accept ?
We accept most credit/debit cards, we will take payment over the phone and we do take payments on line, we accept cheques in advance 28 days before your arrival, we also accept cash.
Q & A Regarding Terms & Conditions

Can we bring our musical instrument ? 

We do not allow the playing of instruments on the park, we fully understand your enjoyment from playing an instrument, however like music and radio's this can become annoying to others.

What Does Well behaved Children mean ? 

Children must always use the bottom field (play area) for any games, if you allow your Children to run riot then this park is not for you, we expect children to be on their best behaviour, be polite and have respect for other campers, their property and our park. Misbehaving in the amenities or foul language will not be tolerated.

Children must not play any kind of games around neighbouring tents or their vehicle's.

What does large groups mean ? 

Maximum group size allowed at anytime is Six adults, children are not regarded as being part of the group. 


What does well-behaved dogs mean ? 

Dogs must be on a lead at all times whilst on the park, dogs must not be expected to bite or bark continuously or be a nuisance to others, we will not tolerate dogs running loose or fouling our park.

What does well-behaved adults mean ? 

We expect adults to be considerate towards their fellow campers at all time's, have respect for our park, antisocial behaviour or foul language will not be tolerated.

What does silence after 10.30pm (22.30hrs) mean”?

At all times we expect people to be reasonable, by keeping any noise to a minimal level, bearing in mind how close the nearest tent is, but we still don't accept late night "sessions" - whether they're discussing their events of the day, the days ahead, the weather (or whatever) if anyone else can hear you.

Many of our customers say ""We've been to lots of parks with a silence-after-10.30 (22.30hrs) policy, but at Polruan Holidays it really does work". - Well that’s because we work hard at it. We don't have noisy teenagers because we have no disco, no arcade, and no organised entertainment, we do not allow large groups or parties of any age and we sometimes may even refuse large families. If you disturb the sleep of people around you by” intentional" noise, then you will be leaving site the following morning, in a park where the noisiest sound is usually the sea or the fishing boats ( less than half a mile away) it doesn't take much to be overheard. We can't stop the noise of visitors returning back to the park after an enjoyable evening out or someone snoring, the upset baby crying, the early hours "mummy, I want a wee", the sounds of nature or the cattle within the fields around us, but we will do our best to try and ensure that everyone has a good night sleep.

SO if wanting to talk till late hours with a beer or two, in a serious factor you need to question yourselves can we be heard by others

To sum up - Can you talk after 10.30pm (22.30hrs) ? – yes of course, but no if you disturb someone else or you can be heard from outside of the boundaries of your pitch, remember sound travels further at night.

We do have many guests who sit outside their tents or caravans, reading, admiring the sea, or just star glazing with a glass of wine or a beer and enjoying the silence.